Recap of the Epic 420 Event in Sacramento at Kolas, and Get Hyped for Next Year!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

In all seriousness though, this was the best. 420. EVER!

We hope you’re all enjoying your freebies and discounted products in the aftermath. I know we are!

We had so much fun celebrating our favorite holiday, 4/20, with you all at the 420 event on April 20th at Kolas this past weekend! It was an event that will not soon be forgotten.

We’ll be recounting the day’s events all the way until next 420! BTW, we’ll definitely be doing something special next year too. So for all of you who didn’t come out and had some serious FOMO, you’ll get your chance to redeem yourself on 4/20/20!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

What we really want to know is, where are all the people that won discounts to a Kolas gift box for only a dollar?! Tag us on IG at @shopkolas when you’re enjoying The Cure and let us know how much better you feel!

For those of you that weren’t there, we’ll break it down for you. We gave out HUGE discounts on Kolas gift boxes for only $1 (and some lucky people even got it only for a penny!). Seriously guys, these gift boxes usually go for $75. This was a steal of a deal. And we were giving these gift boxes out EVERY HOUR! Inside, our lucky discount winners won a little glass piece, a lighter, a grinder, rolling paper, and of course, a jar of premium Kolas brand flower in the strain The Cure.

Shout out to James for donating all your dollars so that other winners didn’t have to!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

Did you get in on the discounts of up to 70% off on some of Sacramento’s favorite brands including 350 Fire, Paper Planes, and Fields Family Farmz? Don’t worry, we’ll have more discounts for you coming up. Just be sure to sign up for our email newsletters to get the inside scoop on the best deals and promotions!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

Who got the early bird special though? We were soo excited to launch the Kolas Kash rewards program that we loaded up the first few cards we gave out with some free Kolas Kash. Have you already kashed in? Let us know what you picked up with your Kolas Kash rewards in the comments section below!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

Did anyone hit Kolas before or after checking out High Times’ Cannabis Cup at Cal Expo? If so, did you take the free shuttle sponsored by Ignite? Let us know how epic your 420 adventure was in the comments section below! Also if you have any pics you want to share on IG, tag us at @shopkolas so we can show you some love!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

The live DJ music from Sal, the food, and the atmosphere were all tons of fun. But you know what was the cherry on top? All of the incredible vendors that showed up and ran their exclusive deals just for our 420 event! Thank you to every brand that had a booth at Kolas this weekend!! You made our 420 even more special!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

Your Favorite Vendors:


No frills, no nonsense. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, or CBD. It really is that simple.

They offered a premium deal of getting one half gram Classic cartridge for $1 with a purchase of a disposable vape. They also offered another half gram Classic cartridge for $1 with a purchase of a C-Cell battery. Buyers choice!

Happy customers left with lots of vape-able goodies, the recipe for the best 420 ever!

Aster Farms

Aster Farms showed us what flower straight from the Earth is all about.

Were you one of the lucky people who were able to snag one of their limited half gram pre-rolls for only 50 cents?

If so, we hope you enjoyed that slow burn throughout the rest of your epic 420.


We saved one of the best for last when Dixie joined us later in the day.

Dixie introduced many happy customers to flavorful and potent gummies that pack a punch!

They offered an exclusive BOGO for $1 with their gummy packs. Which flavors did you opt for? Try them all, and let us know your favorite flavor in the comments section below!

FloraCal Farms

FloraCal totally took us back to our roots with flower that’s out of this world.

They were even offering pre-rolls for only ONE cent with a purchase of ANY FloraCal product!

We couldn’t have had a better flower brand with us when the clock struck 4:20pm on 4/20!

Flow Kana

Nothing says 420 quite like dank flower from Flow Kana.

They were so kind as to offer happy customers $5 quarter grams with a purchase of another quarter gram.

Did you already burn through that sweet flower? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below!

Heavenly Sweet

Whether your thing is heavenly sweet or heavenly savory, this brand does edibles right!

Heavenly Sweet was offering FREE swag and a fun prize wheel during their visit to Kolas, and we were loving it!

If you love to eat your weed, we hope you’re still enjoying your Heavenly Sweet products and swag.


Ignite was the real MVP at this 420 event!

If you had the pleasure of enjoying the free shuttle limo/bus that took people to Cannabis Cup at Cal Expo from Kolas and back, you can thank Ignite!

They were also responsible for sponsoring that delish food truck!

And if that wasn’t already generous enough, they were also running a deal for customers to buy one cartridge and get a battery for only $5! AND the option to buy one cartridge and get a pre-roll for one cent.

Ignite, you really had our backs this 4/20. Much respect.


Ionic joined us in the morning (wake and bake, anyone?) to show off their amazing vape products!

They were offering special deals on their 1g cartridges for only $30, 0.5g cartridges for $15, and 0.5g disposables for $15 in amazing strains like Blueberry, Dutch Treat, and Jack Herer).

How many Ionic goodies did you come home with? Let us know in the comments section below!


Jahlibyrd continues to provide the kind of incredible flower that our customers are seeking!

In fact, they were giving out 1/8ths for only a dollar, with the purchase of ANY Jahlibyrd product!

Jahlibyrd, your flower is always a hit. Thanks for blessing us with your dank nugs.

Legion of Bloom

If you’re a fan of sustainability and conscious cultivation when it comes to your cannabis products, you’re probably already super into Legion of Bloom.

And if you weren’t before, you definitely are now after they gave out $1 Monarch cartridges with the purchase of another Monarch cartridge during our 420 event.

We joined the Legion this 420, for sure!

Old Pal

Old Pal curates the best “shareable” flower on the market with a product that truly speaks for itself.

They were making friends and giving out free swag during their visit to Kolas on 4/20.

The Old Pal brand is taking it all the way back to the swingin’ sixties, and we can’t get enough!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

And if you weren’t able to make it out to Kolas for our 420 event, we hope you were able to stop by any of our Kolas affiliate stores because they were running some crazy 420 discounts too!

This event was so much fun, and we are so grateful to everyone who showed up to have an awesome time with us. It’s people like you who are crushing the negative stigma against cannabis, who are exploring how to enjoy responsibly, and are having a ton of fun while doing it!

But we also wanted to say thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped to make this 420 event the best one Sacramento’s ever seen. Our local cannabis community really came together to create something beautiful.

Shout out to all of our incredible budtenders who were there for all of our happy customers. You all seriously shined, and showed the world what Kolas is all about!

A big thank you to The Seed Group for all of your powerful marketing efforts and getting the word out about the most fun dispensary event ever! Remember to sign up for our Kolas newsletters and be the first to hear about VIP deals only at Kolas and Kolas-affiliated stores!

Kolas - 420 event - 420 2019 in Sacramento

Sigh. Only 364 days until the next 420. Until then, come by our dispensary, or any of our affiliate stores, to stock up on your cannabis supplies.

After all, 4/20 is a gateway day to 4/21 and 4/22 and 4/23…

Special thanks to Capitol Compliance Management for all that you’ve done and continue to do for us! Much love!

P.S. If you want to relive the excitement of 4/20 and keep the party going, you definitely are going to want to check out products from Select. Their Elite cartridges are made with 80-85% THC and are easily Select’s best sellers. These amazing cartridges offer activated, broad-spectrum oil with the highest THC level possible. Vape in style, and enjoy a cannabis vape experience that you’ll never forget because your life is worth enjoying! Hurry up and get your hands on Select products at Kolas and our affiliated stores before they sell out!

P.P.S. You need to get over to Kolas like…now! Our collab with Cookies is blowing up! We have Cookies pre-rolls, flower, and cartridges just waiting for you to pick up and enjoy! What’s even cooler is that Cookies was super hard to find in Sacramento before they landed here at Kolas. We were so stoked that we were able to supply it to our people that we held a meet-and-greet for Berner! Were you there? Tag us on IG!