Best Strains for Sex: 19 Weed Strains that Can Make You Better in Bed

You already followed our advice last Valentine’s day and tried the strains that helped to make your celebration of love a little more naughty.

We knew you’d be coming back for more.

This time, we wanted to go a little deeper by letting you in on some of our dirty little secrets about some of the best strains for sex.

If the idea of longer, more intense orgasms, better circulation, and energy boosts sounds titillating, you’ve come to the right place.

Ever since cannabis has been around, people have been experimenting with how to get the best out of their cannabis experiences. And for many, this means inviting their favorite sticky plant into the bedroom.

We’ve broken it down into sativa strains, indica strains, and hybrid strains because there are vastly different effects in each category for vastly different sexual experiences.

Here are some of the best strains for sex that can potentially make you even better in bed.


Adding sativa strains into your foreplay experience is a smokin’ hot choice because of the increase in energy, muscle contraction, and circulation that sativas are known for helping with.

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This exclusive strain from Grizzly Peak Farms is a beautifully balanced crossed between two all-time favorites: Lemon Northern Lights and Haze. Grizzly Haze is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain that provides an uplifting high coupled with an energy boost and euphoria. This is a perfect choice for a clear-headed sensual experience.

This award-winning strain is known for bringing the heat when it comes to a pleasantly euphoric high and sweet aroma. Many fans of this strain note that it’s a calming yet energetically creative strain. Next time you want to relax and get creative in the bedroom, spark up some of this strain from Flow Kana and blast off.

Ready for a little afternoon delight? Lemonchello #9 is a great daytime strain to help promote clear-headed concentration and creativity. But what’s even cooler about this strain from Cookies is the method it comes in. Instead of the usual smokeable, this strain comes in convenient capsule form for easy consumption. Stay higher longer and enjoy your sexuality like never before.

Ah, Jack Herer. This classic and famous cannabis strain is known for many things, one of them being one of the best strains for sex. And we think, particularly, morning sex. This is one of those made-for-morning sativas that has been known to help ease the symptoms of depression and pain all while boosting focus and energy. What’s not to love about this sensual strain from Orchid Essentials?!

Okay, we know the name of this strain can be a little bit off-putting, but hear us out. Green Crack is one of the few sativa strains that offer such sharp energy and focus along with an invigorating mental buzz, which is why we think it’s one of the best strains for sex. This strain from Platinum Vapes is perfect for anyone wants to have the kind of sex that connects you physically, mentally, and spiritually.


While indicas may not seem like the best choice because of the risk of feeling lethargic or paranoid, indicas have something else to offer in this department. Look forward to full-bodied and longer-lasting orgasms along with a more present and mindful sexual experience.

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This indica strain from Elyon Cannabis is actually pretty surprisingly uplifting as far as indicas go. Zkittles is known to offer a focused, alert, and happy mindset all while relaxing the body into a gentle body buzz. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect recipe for a sensual experience, then I don’t know what does!

Deeply euphoric and pain-relieving, this is an awesome indica strain you’re looking for to have deeply transformative sex. But with a THCa content testing at 31%, novices should heed my warning! This strain is super strong. If you’re up for the potency challenge, this strain has the potential to leave you feeling relaxed, joyful, and open to new sexy experiences.

Put on some Barry White love makin’ music and spark up some of this classic strain for a night you won’t soon forget! This indica strain from Humboldt Farms is a delicious cross between Blueberry and White Widow. Its users love this strain’s relaxed and balanced bliss. Bring it into the bedroom and you’ll be singing, “You’re my first, my last, my everything!” to this indica strain.

Ménage à trois, anyone? This powerhouse of a strain is a three-way cross between OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. This indica strain from Aster Farms delivers soothing full-body effects and a clear-headed cerebral buzz. 3X Crazy may also be able to help soothe pain, spasms, tension, insomnia, and other physical issues. Surrender to full-body relaxation and get the most out of your next sensual experience.

This heavy indica-leaning hybrid strain from FloraCal is one of the best strains for sex. The warm body high feels like a swirling full-body massage and you’ll love the relaxation and pain-relieving properties because they don’t come with any effects that make the mind feel fuzzy. Time feels like it slows down with this incredible and sensual strain.

This sweet and delicious indica strain is known to provide a long-lasting, mid-level body high and nearly meditative cerebral energy. This is a great strain for nurturing sexual energy and creating an intentional and spiritual sexual experience. But be careful, too much of this strain could potentially lull you into a nap instead.

Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time. This pure indica strain from Kurvana is thought highly of for many things, and one of those things is that it’s definitely one of the best strains for sex ever. With a full-body high that relaxes muscles and eases the mind into a chilled euphoria, you’ll be able to enjoy pleasure in a whole new way.


Ah, good ole’ hybrids. Hybrid strains are some of the best strains for sex because they’re often able to provide a great balance between increased performance and sensitivity.

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It seems like Elyon really wants us all to get laid because here is yet another one of their products that also happens to be one of the best strains for sex. SVF OG is a balanced hybrid strain known for a relaxed indica-like body high and an uplifting and creative headspace. Get intimate with a strain that’s as calm as it is focused.

  • Watermellon Zkittles from NUG

This deliciously fruity strain from NUG is mouthwateringly tantalizing. The initial rush of euphoria can send its user into a quickly heightened mood while dissolving stress and anxiety. Share this with your partner for a quiet, intimate evening at home and let the sensual vibes flow.

Scooby Snacks is just one of those strains that sounds silly, but shouldn’t be underestimated. This stimulating strain from Jahlibyrd provides a slow-feeling body high that makes every movement feel extra intentional. After a fulfilling sexual experience, you’ll be rocked gently to sleep by this intimate strain.

This delectable hybrid strain from Cookies is yet another product from the Cookies line that also happens to be one of the best strains for sex. And this strain is as delicious as it sounds. Enjoy a strong cerebral buzz that slowly melts into the rest of your body. Get connected to the present moment for an unforgettable sensual experience with Banana Bread.

Another mind-blowing strain from Grizzly Peak. Gelato #45 is a unique strain in that it offers a full-bodied smoke, exquisite taste, and inspires deep sexual arousal. Feel the stress of the rest of the world melt away as you enjoy a strain that truly is one of the best.

This incredibly famous strain is no joke and is often used to breed new exciting strains. But we think that in its simplicity is where OG Kush shines the brightest. This strain from Heavy Hitters offers a strong euphoric high that can be enjoyed before a passionate and ravenous sexual experience or a gentle and intimate experience alike. This versatile strain can get you ready for anything.

Enjoy a legendary strain from Ionic that will have you begging for more. The full-body relaxation and gentle cerebral buzz will have novice and veteran consumers alike enjoying the calm euphoria and the connectivity it can offer between you and your partner.

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Cannabis isn’t just for eating Cheetos and playing video games anymore. Anyone with an open mind has experienced that cannabis can be utilized to enhance almost every experience. Especially sex.

We think that pleasure is a human right and that you should be able to experience it to the fullest, no matter what. Share a deeply intimate connection with your partner or partners by introducing cannabis into the bedroom. And if you don’t mind kissing and telling, let us know how much your favorite strain enhanced your time together in the comments section below!

By the way, did we mention that all of the strains mentioned above can be found at Kolas and at all of the other dispensaries powered by Kolas? But hurry! These products are only on the shelves for as long as supplies last. If you want to be sure that your favorite sexy strain will be in stock, give us a call at (916) 646 – 6340, or visit our online menu.

Do you think cannabis can enhance a sexual experience? If so, do you think a sativa strain, an indica strain, or a hybrid would get the job done in the best of ways? Have you tried any of these strains in bed before? Let us know in comments section below what you think and about your experiences!

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