Kolas Cannabis Dispensary Makes a Splash on ABC 10

What did stores in the mall have in common with the Kolas cannabis dispensary in 2018?

Both were a hit this holiday season when it came to buying gifts for loved ones (or even just finding a little something something for yourself!).



Christmas was lit in Sacramento this year.

Particularly in our esteemed Sacramento cannabis dispensary, Kolas.

“With it now being legalized and everything, nobody has any shame in buying what they want to buy other people for Christmas,” shrugs Cassie Piney, a Christmas-day shopper at Kolas, with a smile, “It’s the thing now.”

And we think that is huge.

Legalization of adult-use recreational sales has completely changed the social dialogue and perspective on cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

People of all walks of life are turning the other cheek and, for the first time in their lives, are considering cannabis as exactly what it is.  A plant with immense medical benefits that also happens to make you feel good.

The change in perspective was made clear during the holidays when we at Kolas saw all of the fresh faces visit our dispensary.

“50% of our customers yesterday were all first-time customers from all over the place.” One of our Kolas team members confirmed that this has been a busy season for us, and we’ve been thrilled to meet people from all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences with cannabis.

“It very much seemed to be geared towards family purchases, which was kind of interesting.” A Kolas team member revealed about the holiday shopping that most customers seemed to be doing.

ABC’s Lena Howland confirmed, “The shop told me the past couple of weeks has brought in shoppers buying product just to take the edge off of being around family, or even to buy gifts for the family!”

For many of us, the idea of inviting certain family members into our cannabis space used to seem far-fetched.

But hey, it’s 2019. What we’ve learned at Kolas during the holiday season is that people from all over, and from all backgrounds, are very much warming up to the idea of sharing their cannabis with family members.

And if they’re still not on board, at least people aren’t afraid to treat themselves and get something to take the edge off of being around difficult family members (we’ve all got ‘em!)

In fact, so many people flocked to Kolas for the holidays that a day of sales was enough to pay a month’s electricity bill!

“We have probably seen anywhere from a 25 to a 45 percent increase this week.” A Kolas team member proudly shared.


Without your love and support, Kolas wouldn’t be where it is now. We love being able to get to know you and help you with your individual cannabis needs and curiosities. Can’t wait to see you back in the shop!

Did you buy any cannabis products for your family members? How did they react? Let us know in the comments section below!