Kolas: The Biggest Thing to Happen to Sacramento Cannabis Dispensaries As We Know It

Anyone who’s ever been to one of the many Sacramento cannabis dispensaries knows that most of them are, more or less, the same vibe.

Sacramento cannabis dispensaries haven’t always cultivated a space for comfort, creativity, or professionalism.

We have come a long way in California, but there are still some things missing in our industry that would make it amazing.

Sacramento deserves a safe, clean, professional, and fun environment for medical patients and adult-use cannabis users alike!

That was how the Kolas vision began, and now, that vision is turning into a reality for all cannabis enthusiasts throughout Sacramento.


sacramento cannabis dispensaries - kolas - elevate your senses


Kolas is a chain of innovative and modern Sacramento cannabis dispensaries that are leading the industry and setting the bar when it comes to customer service, selection, and providing high-quality cannabis products.

We also want our dispensaries to be a place of comfort and relaxation for you. No more of those stark medical vibes; only a relaxing and comfortably professional experience from here on out.

We offer only the highest quality of products including flower, cannabis concentrates, topicals, edibles, and pre-rolls at all price ranges.

For us, it’s all about providing quality, no matter the cost.

We never want to be that dispensary that cuts corners.

We want to offer something amazing to the industry, to the community, and to you, every time.


sacramento cannabis dispensaries - kolas - elevate your senses


The creators of Kolas came together with a shared vision.

To create the best Sacramento cannabis dispensaries that this city has ever seen.

With years of combined experience, these people each bring a varied point of view, and a set of unique and critical skills to create the most dynamic cannabis experience for all.

Made of up leaders in the cannabis industry, they’ve all gained significant recognition in their own fields and have consequentially gained invaluable industry experience and knowledge.

They know what you are looking for when it comes to Sacramento cannabis dispensaries, and they’ve created Kolas to solve all of those problems and to enhance what you already love about dispensaries.

Their combined knowledge of cultivation, security, delegating distribution, and operating dispensaries and understanding California dispensaries laws makes Kolas the highest quality, safest, and most compliant cannabis dispensary available.

Our Kolas staff and budtenders are all passionate about creating the best possible experience for you. Each staff member is extremely well-versed in our product line to answer any and all of the questions you may have coming in.

Everyone who’s had a hand in creating Kolas has worked together tirelessly to bring something truly special to the cannabis industry.


sacramento cannabis dispensaries - kolas - elevate your senses - aftershock


The cannabis industry has seen some dark times.

No matter how progressive we’ve gotten, it’s undeniable that the stigma against cannabis is still alive and well.

We think it’s about time that changes too.

Sacramento cannabis dispensaries are due for a revamping to change along with the rest of the world.

The kola of the cannabis plant sits at the very top of the plant, like a crown of premium bud.

That’s exactly what each Kolas dispensary represents; the highest quality products for the highest quality experience.

We understand that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to cannabis products anymore.


sacramento cannabis dispensaries - kolas - elevate your senses


Kolas is a chain of dispensaries, easily accessible to anyone in the Greater Sacramento area. Our first location is in the Arden area at 1115 Fee Drive, Sacramento, CA, 95816.

Get excited for more Kolas Sacramento cannabis dispensaries opening soon!

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