Get Mom High with These 6 Epic Mother’s Day Gifts

If she gets another fancy boutique candle for Mother’s Day, your mom is going to straight up disown you. Get her something better she can light up instead.

The beauty of legal adult-use cannabis is that many people who were squeamish about trying it in the past are now curious enough to be tempted, but still might be shy to step into a dispensary themselves.

Unless your mom already smokes or is extremely conservative, she probably falls into that category. And, as a side note, let’s be real, it’s the real conservative moms who would probably benefit the most from smoking a joint.

But instead of going straight for the dab ring and shatter, let’s ease her into the ganja mama life with some Mother’s Day gifts that are effective but not super intimidating.

Kolas - Kolas blog - mother's day gifts - papa and barkley releaf balm

This is pretty much the perfect starter product for mom, or really anyone who wants to dip their toes into the cannabis lifestyle.

What’s really special about this balm is that your body can absorb all of the medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting high (or unspecial, depending on what you’re into).

People who have used this balm have reported that it has helped them alleviate neuropathic burning, reduce joint swelling, reduce the appearance of scars, and soothe many other general physical aches and pains.

As far as topicals go, Papa & Barkley knows what’s up for Mother’s Day gifts.

Kolas - Kolas blogs - Plus gummies - mother's day gifts

If there was ever a cannabis product that was easy to take, required no set-up or clean-up, and provided a refreshing intake experience, THIS IS IT.

And what’s even better is that each refreshing mint only has 5mg of THC, which means that for beginners, this will give them a nice, gentle buzz. If your mom has a bit of a tolerance built up, she’ll probably have to take two or three to feel the effects.

But no matter how many mints she decides to take, your mom is going to have some fresh breath this Mother’s Day!

Kolas - Kolas blog - Humboldt Apothecary CBD tincture - mother's day gifts

If you think your mom would love a cannabis product that she can easily add to her morning coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, or whatever her drink of choice may be, she is going to LOVE this product from Humboldt Apothecary.

The Uplift CBD tincture, in particular, is great for promoting the ability to focus in a positive mood; something every busy woman needs.

With natural ingredients like coconut MCT oil, essential oils of lemon, rosemary, and peppermint, and of course, cannabis extract, can you really go wrong?

Kolas - Kolas blogs - Elyon Cannabis Gelato pre-roll - mother's day gifts

The last time your mom was around cannabis, it was probably rolled into an ole’ fashioned fatty joint.
Why not bring her back to the good old days?

This pre-roll pack of four from Elyon Cannabis is sure to keep her happy for hours and hours.

Keep in mind that Gelato is a potent hybrid strain, so you might have to warn your mom to take it easy if she hasn’t smoked in 20 years.

Give the gift of relaxation and creativity this Mother’s Day.

Kolas - Kolas blogs - Kolas gift box - The Cure - mother's day gifts

Okay, guys! If there was ever an actual PERFECT box of Mother’s Day gifts for the open-minded ganja mama, this is totally it.

Not only does this gift box come with an eighth of premium cannabis flower, but it also comes with a grinder, a lighter, and a cute, portable glass piece. Basically, the recipe for one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever.

In this particular box, The Cure is designed to promote optimal wellbeing. This means that if your mom is kvetching about her usual aches and pains, she will love to open this box.

Whoever designed this box was clearly very thoughtful about what people really want in a cannabis gift box… (hint hint…this is our box. We designed it. Check it out).

Kolas - Kolas blogs - Cookies High Flyer Premium Cartridge - Lemonchello - mother's day gifts

And last but certainly not least, surprise mama with one of the best cannabis brands in California, Cookies!
If you haven’t heard about this brand, you probably live under a rock. Cookies is taking the world by storm, one nug at a time.

They do have amazing flower, and an assortment of other unique cannabis products, but we think that the best option for mom would be one of their High Flyer Premium vape pen cartridges.

Vape pens are quickly becoming a go-to for parents due to their discreet nature and convenience.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Feel free to check in with our staff by giving us a call at 916-646-6340 to ensure that we have your mom’s new favorite product on our shelves.

Would you ever smoke with your mom? Let us know in the comments section why or why not!