June is Powered by Kolas!

This summer, Kolas is really heating up!

Kolas is all about sparking up passion, excitement, and free expression within and beyond our community.

But above everything, we’re passionate about creating a culture around the normalization of cannabis. We think that cannabis makes the world a better place and every day we can bring a smile to someone’s face is a day we’ve done our job right.

June is bringing more exciting events, announcements, and updates than ever. And they’re all powered by Kolas.

Ready to kick off a summer season full of sunshine, laughter, and cannabis?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get excited about Kolas this summer.


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Second Saturday

Have you ever been to an event that feels like a chill block party during the day and a big fun live DJ event at night? No?! Then you’ve never been to the Second Saturday block party events in Midtown, Sacramento!

If you were at last year’s event, you probably remember sipping a cocktail, checking out local businesses and their vendor tents in the sunshine, and when the day started to fade into night, grooving to the beats of the live DJ in a sea of people who are all so different and yet connected by the music. You probably also remember all of the fun free swag that the Kolas booth was giving out!

The only difference between this year and last year is that this year will be EVEN MORE FUN!!

And did I mention this all-ages event is 100% free?

You heard it here, folks! This epic once-in-a-lifetime Sacramento event is free for any and all attendees.

Come find the Kolas booth for some more awesome free swag and maybe even a coupon or two that you can redeem at any of our Sacramento cannabis dispensary locations that are Powered by Kolas.

We may even have some other exciting surprises for you at our booth…

This event will be going down in Lavender Heights (20th and K St.) in Midtown Sacramento on June 8th, July 13th, August 10th, and September 14th.

Bring your friends, and get ready to dance the night away! And don’t forget to stop by the Kolas booth for your free swag!

See you there!

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Aftershock Music Festival

I had such a good Slipknot pun but I lost it. Oh well, next time I’ll tell you Before I Forget.

If you’re into Slipknot, Staind, Blink-182, Rob Zombie, Tool, and Korn, you’re definitely going to have a blast at the Aftershock Music Festival.

Held at Discovery Park, this year’s festival is going to be better than ever!

We had a great time last year with the BEST booth at the entire festival (we’re a little biased…but it’s true!!).

Find our booth again this year for more swag, more cannabis info, and more fun!

Get tickets NOW for October 11th, 12th, and/or 13th at Discovery Park in Sacramento.

Don’t forget to check out the Kolas booth for some free swag and the Kolas Discovery stage for a concert experience you won’t soon forget!


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You guys, we have some super exciting news to share with you all!

You already know (and LOVE) our Arden location, and we are so proud to be welcoming a new dispensary to the Kolas family.

That’s right, our second Kolas location is opening soon!

And it’ll be on J Street in Midtown!!!

That means that when you’re coming back from the Farmers Market, you can swing by and conveniently get your favorite cannabis product from Kolas.

When you want to pre-game for a night out at Faces, Badlands, or Mangoes, stop by Kolas on J Street to make your night even better!

No matter what you’re doing in Midtown, elevate your experience by stopping by the new Kolas dispensary on J Street as soon as it opens!


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Are you feeling lucky?

We love being able to give back to the people who continue to support our efforts at normalizing cannabis and creating a space for the cannabis industry within mainstream society.

It’s super fun for us when we get the chance to provide you guys with exciting opportunities to explore the city of Sacramento like never before.

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to receive a pair of concert tickets to your favorite band, singer, or group this summer!

Here’s how.

For this month only, if you sign up for Kolas email newsletters (they’re free and full of exclusive discounts and promotions, people), you’ll be entered for a chance to receive concert tickets to see Jennifer Lopez (June 12th), Khalid (June 29th), Michael Bublé (July 10th), Shawn Mendes (July 11th), Backstreet Boys (August 1st), or Iron Maiden (September 9th)!

And the best part is YOU get to choose any one of these events to attend!

What’s it gonna be? A nostalgic night knowing that Backstreet’s back, alright? Running to the hills with Iron Maiden? Singing along with Jenny from the block?

Get pumped for a night of music that you’ll remember forever!

It’s worth a shot, right?


Have you ever wanted to re-live an epic moment you spent at a Kolas event?

Well, now you can!

If you were at our live DJ event at LowBrau, our 420 event at Kolas, or even the Second Saturday block party event in Lavender Heights, check out our YouTube channel to see highlights of your favorite events of the year!

And if you’re having some serious FOMO, don’t worry! We’ll have plenty more events coming up soon.

As well as event videos, we have some plans in the works for fun cannabis-infused content that you are sure to LOVE!

Got any ideas for Kolas video content? Let us know in the comments section below, or contact us directly.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a moment!


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We are proud to flex that all of our staff is uniformed and looking sharp!

As soon as you step into our dispensary, you’ll know exactly who can help you find the best cannabis products for you.

Say “high” to anyone wearing Kolas purple and know that they’re as much a part of the Kolas family as you are.

And not to mention, check out our beautiful corporate team (pictured above)!

Our corporate team has helped us out with everything from business development to operational management to regulatory compliance and more.

They work behind the scenes every day so that we can continue to run as smoothly as we do.

Big kudos to our corporate team at Capitol Compliance Management!


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We wanted to give a quick thank you to our badass creative marketing team, The Seed Group!

Chances are, the reason you’re reading this blog right now is because of their marketing efforts and the support they’ve provided us in getting the Kolas brand out there.

They share a similar vision to us: to create a space for the cannabis industry in mainstream society. We all share a passion for normalizing cannabis use and helping it to become immersed in our culture as an accepted concept.

With their creative brilliance, they’ve been there for us through it all and they’ve truly done so much for our team.

They’ve done it all for us: the Kolas name, the Kolas brand identity, the Kolas colors, the website, the photos/videos, the social media, the newsletters, the blogs, and more.

We love working with such a driven and passionate marketing team.

When it comes to cannabis marketing, they’ve definitely done us right.


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Our collab with Berner’s cannabis brand, Cookies, is blowing up!

The Cookies brand was created by the hip-hop mogul, Berner, in an effort to create something “unique that would help bridge the gap between streetwear, urban lifestyle, marijuana, hip-hop music and a multi-cultural society”. And that’s exactly what they’ve achieved.

The Cookies brand has been mentioned or seen with hip-hop artists, professional sports stars, R&B stars, dot.com geeks, and college students alike.

Recently, the popular song I Get the Bag by Gucci Mane ft. Migos mentioned the Cookies brand in a line in the song, “Backin’ up, baggin’ up vegetables / Bag of them Cookies, it’s medical”.

Cookies offers some of the most high-quality and most sought-after cannabis products in the country. It used to be rare to find these coveted products anywhere near Sacramento. Until now.

We (and all other dispensaries powered by Kolas) are one of the only Sacramento dispensaries that carry Cookies pre-rolls, flower, and cartridges.


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If you’ve been using cannabis to treat any physical or mental discomfort, you’re going to love what we’ve produced for you.

We’re providing a top-tier quality Kolas brand gift box complete with a grinder, lighter, glass piece, and of course, an eighth of our premium-quality flower strain, The Cure.

The Cure contains a staggering 25.75% THC, which means that novices should definitely start with one puff at a time and to see how they feel after every hit.

This popular strain has been a go-to for many people who suffer from pain, anxiety, and/or depression. It’s also been reported as helping relieve symptoms of arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.

This Kolas gift box is just the first of many that will help you to elevate your senses.


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Happy almost 4th of July! Got any plans yet?

If you don’t have sparklers, we have some other ideas about what you could be sparking up instead…

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders about which cannabis products would be perfect for your Independence Day party.

And until then, be sure to stay up on our social media and email newsletters because we may have a special 4th of July surprise coming your way…

Don’t miss out!


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If you’re a social media influencer interested in collaborating with us, hit us up anytime!

We love our social media influencers, and we’re always looking for new people to get on board with the Kolas team.

All you really need is a passion for Kolas cannabis products and a drive to see the cannabis industry become normalized and accepted in mainstream society.

Support a cannabis dispensary and brand that you can trust and watch grow.

We’ve already collaborated with forward-thinking influencers like Khalil, Circa Suicide, and SighSwoon. Will you be next?

Shoot us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself and drop a link to your profile and we’ll let you know if we think you’d be a good fit!

There are so many exciting things happening that are powered by Kolas this summer, and we have you to thank.

Without your continued support and feedback, we wouldn’t have grown into being such a leader within the industry.

We are passionate about driving Sacramento culture forward, and with that, incorporating cannabis as a widely mainstream and socially accepted plant.

If you share this vision for the future, you’re definitely our people.

Every time you come into our dispensary, or any of the dispensaries powered by Kolas, it puts a smile on our face, because ultimately, it’s not us who are making the difference, it’s YOU!

By supporting our vision for the way people perceive cannabis, you’re changing the world one puff at a time.

Give yourself a round of applause and we’ll see you in our shop next time!

What kind of videos should we post on our YouTube channel? When it comes to cannabis-related content, are you looking for something funny and light, informative and educational, or something totally different?

Let us know in the comments section below!

In the meantime, we’ll see you at our upcoming events and in our dispensary! Happy toking!