5 Productive Things You Can Do on Rainy Days Thanks to Herb

1. Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

Kolas - rainy days - best Sacramento dispensary


Get inspired and set out to organize your bookshelf in alphabetical order.

Get distracted and spend an hour trying to find that one quote in that one book that was super relevant so you can use it as a deep Instagram caption.

Give up and try to organize your sock drawer instead.

2. Bake cookies

Kolas - rainy days - best Sacramento dispensary


Then forget how many eggs you already cracked.

But then realize you can count the shells.

Okay, you’re good.

You take out the trash because there are lots of egg shells.

3. Back up your phone’s photos to make space

Kolas - rainy days - best Sacramento dispensary


Realize you have to back up your computer.

End up looking through photos from 2012 and wonder what happened to that one Nalgene water bottle before you replaced it with a Hydroflask because it was trendy.

Research how many Nalgene bottles are recycled every day.

Decide you’re going to become an environmental activist.

F*ck, realize you forgot the cookies.

Check if they’re burnt.

No, you’re good you didn’t turn the oven on.

Spend an hour trying to find the cookie recipe you took out with the all those eggshells because you can’t remember how long it’s supposed to cook for.

Realize you threw it out, so you find the recipe online.

4. Update your social media account

Kolas - rainy days - best Sacramento dispensary


Decide to stalk your ex for a minute.

Fall down the rabbit hole.

Stalk their mom.

Stalk their mom’s friend.

Find out she runs an Instagram account for her dog.

Stalk the dog’s Instagram.

Then start looking for dog memes.

Decide you’re going to start your own dog meme account.

Start looking for dog photos.

Realize you aren’t funny enough to meme.

Check on the cookies.

They’re okay.

They’re still gooey.

You eat two just to check.

5. Do dishes

Kolas - rainy days - best Sacramento dispensary


Realize that your toes are cold.

Go to grab some socks.

Realize your room is now taken over by all the socks you pulled out to organize before you got distracted.

Make a mental note to come back to that and put on a pair of socks that spark joy.

Forget what you had to do before you put your socks on.

Start putting all your socks away instead.

The oven dings.

The cookies are done.

Every productive day starts with good intentions. But so does every unfinished project.

It’s okay, maybe you’ll have better luck focusing tomorrow.

Until then, check out our online menu for cannabis products to keep you entertained on those rainy days in.

What’s your favorite thing to do (or try to do, at least) on a rainy day? Let us know in the comments section below!


Blog inspired by the mind of Hannah Moss