Why the First Kolas California Dispensary is Revolutionizing the Way We Buy Sacramento Cannabis


What do you think makes a great Sacramento cannabis dispensary?

Is it outstanding customer service? A budtender who knows how to ask you the right questions? Who helps you find products based on what you’re looking for, and not based on sales or profits?

Is it a space where you feel safe? A clean and sanitary environment with and an interior design that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed?

Maybe it’s a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products at accessible price ranges for everyone?

To us, it means a space that makes purchasing cannabis accessible, safe, and stigma-free for all. The future of the industry depends on providing consumers with high-quality product without compromising safety, consistency, or potency.


Sacramento is quickly becoming a hub for cannabis culture and community, and it has a lot to do with our commitment to setting the industry standard when it comes to cannabis dispensaries.

This city is known for its evolving contemporary culture that nourishes flourishing communities and businesses that reflect our love for authenticity, innovation, and quality cannabis products.


Cannabis isn’t a dangerous drug. Most well-informed adults already know this.

But the way society sees cannabis, and the way it’s been bought and sold until now, paints it to be something completely different than what it is.

What the industry needs is a dispensary that tells it like it is by offering high-quality cannabis products that are safe, consistent, and stigma-free. By offering a space that’s as welcoming to its medical patients as it is to its recreational customers.

That’s what Kolas is all about.


The cannabis industry is blossoming into something so special and we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it. The community we’ve cultivated, the things we’ve learned and evolved with over time, and the friends made along the way put us in an especially rewarding space. Thank you to everyone who’s ever set foot into our Sacramento cannabis dispensary, and who have watched it grow into something we can all truly be proud of.

Our dispensary has come a long way, and we have all of you to thank! Your unending support has been our driving motivation to continue to make our shop the best that it can be. Every time we can offer cannabis products to someone in need, be it for medical or recreational reasons, it inspires us and motivates us to do better.

We are so grateful to our Sacramento cannabis community and to represent what Sacramento is all about.


Special thanks to Capitol Compliance Management for providing us with the retail resources, marketing platforms, and bridges to form the relationships that we cherish, that have helped to show to Sacramento the amazing things that Kolas can do.