Your Kolas Winter Stoner Horoscope for 2019

It’s officially winter! The seasons are changing much like certain elements in your own life.

What will your Kolas stoner horoscope tell you about this winter season? And what strains will be perfect to help you experience the best of this winter? Find your sign to discover what the stars have in store for the cannabis enthusiast in you…


Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - capricorn


Capricorn, we know you’re setting goals on goals on goals for this winter. Self-care is super important, but at least some of the goals you’re setting probably have something to do with bettering yourself. For that, we are so, so proud of you! We want you to meet all of your goals and more this season!  Your stoner horoscope recommends Green Crack to help you to stay focused on ONE project at a time, and not to get too overwhelmed or bogged down from juggling too many things at once.

And since we know you like to work hard and play hard, we recommend OG Kush for when it’s finally time to chill out and take a load off. Put on some Netflix, get cozy into a mountain of blankets and pillows, and let your body and mind take a break from the madness, you busy bee!

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - aquarius


For you, Aquarius, this season will be all about the connections you make. You’re a pro at getting to know people and letting people feel comfortable enough to open up to you, so that’s not your challenge. However, you may find yourself struggling, due to an urge to keep things light and fun, with opening up to those around you and to truly show them yourself. It’s not easy to be vulnerable, but this season, it has the potential to yield powerful results. To help you to loosen up, your stoner horoscope recommends Banana Kush.

But this won’t just be a season of connections; it’ll be a season of strengthening the relationships that you already have too. You probably have one or two really close friends that you can finally relax and enjoy the moment with. When it comes to these people in your life, we recommend sharing some Animal Cookies to relax and enjoy some laughs with the people you love most.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - pisces


Pisces, this will be a particularly creative winter season for you. The cold weather forces us all indoors, and while some loathe it, you relish in it. You finally get to finish creative projects that you’ve been meaning to finish, or even start new ones that have you feeling inspired. To keep you in your meditative creative state, your stoner horoscope recommends Blue Dream to fuel your creative flow.

However, just because you’ll be spending a lot of solitary time working on your creative projects, that doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid being social altogether. But this winter season, we don’t want you to be overwhelmed by big crowds or over-stimulating events. Instead, we think that after you have a bit of Silver Haze, you may be able to embrace the chaos that certain social events can bring, and actually let loose and have some fun.

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - aries


Aries, are you feeling adventurous this winter? Because you’ll be in for some crazy adventures soon enough! You may find that this winter, you have more energy to get out and have fun than usual. And because of that, you’ll find yourself exploring new places, and new people in your life. That’s why your stoner horoscope recommends a strain that’ll keep you motivated and ready to go; like GSC.

Along with your drive for adventure, pay attention to any out-of-the-box ideas you may have professionally. Remaining confident in a new innovative idea at work may prove to have rewarding results when it comes to your professional life. That’s why we recommend a strain like J1 to keep you thinking creatively, and still clear-headed and motivated enough to write those amazing ideas down!

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - taurus


This winter will be an amazing season for your art, Taurus! Whether your art is visual, musical, culinary, or fashionable, keep your eyes and ears open for muses of inspiration this winter. You’ll likely find them in the most unexpected of places… But we have a hint for you when it comes to one of your muses. Your stoner horoscope recommends Sour Diesel to give your creativity the boost it needs to send you over the edge and create something unlike anything you’ve ever created before.

However, like many great artists, you may find yourself having to draw your creativity from struggles in your life. If it ever gets to a point where the struggling to turns into downright suffering, and you can’t seem to find your way out of it, try Pineapple Express to potentially gain a new perspective on a situation that’s bringing you down.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

Kolas - stoner horoscope - gemini


Gemini, this season will be all about knowledge and the things you learn from what this season brings. You may be in university, or maybe you’re in the school of life, absorbing and learning a lot as each experience grants you a new perspective. But this winter, you’ll learn something especially useful that you’ll be able to leverage your entire life. Your stoner horoscope recommends a strain that will keep you inquisitive and ever curious, like Snowcap.

You may learn something extra juicy about someone you know, and you may be tempted to dish with your close friends but for this one, we recommend taking a beat and being really intentional about who you share your information with. We recommend trying a strain like GG#4 (or Original Glue) to encourage you to take a deep breath and to shift your perspective and think critically about the situation, and who really needs to know. Sharing this information with the wrong person could potentially create a disaster in your life and in theirs.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

Kolas - stoner horoscope - cancer


This winter, you can finally indulge in your longing to be a homebody. Cancer, you’ve been working hard professionally, and have been a total social butterfly, but now is a perfect time to retreat into your cozy space and enjoy some rest and relaxation. That’s why your stoner horoscope recommends a nice White Widow to help to ease you into peaceful relaxation.

While you’re enjoying your cozy nesting time, you may feel an extra urge to get creative and let out some emotions that you’ve been holding onto since autumn. You may not have been ready then to let some things go, but this winter will be a cleansing and creatively open season for you, which is why trying Headband will be a great way to turn any negative energy into something beautiful so that you can finally let go.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Kolas - stoner horoscope - leo


Leo, this winter for you will be a time where family and loved ones are at the top of your priorities. Whether that’s patching up a relationship that’s been rocky for a while, or strengthening the relationships you already have. There’s someone you’ve been meaning to connect with, and this winter is the perfect time to do it. If they’re into cannabis, your stoner horoscope recommends Maui Wowie to share with that person to help the conversation flow and for both of you to relax and enjoy.

However, if they’re not 420-friendly, and you think the conversation may be a rough one, we think that Trainwreck might be the strain for you. It may help you to be patient, level-headed, kind, and considerate when interacting with this person. It may even help you to reach a conclusion or a resolution that feels good for both of you.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Kolas - stoner horoscope - virgo


Virgo, this winter will be a time of great financial change. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and ways to expand your income will slowly trickle in. The more you stay open-minded toward advancements in your professional life, the more you’ll see the growth that you’re pining for. To stay focused, open-minded, and professionally creative, your stoner horoscope recommends an uplifting Jack Herer.

But just because this could be a season for professional development and financial changes, that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. Set aside some much-needed self-care and relaxation time to balance out all of that professional energy. Staying well-rounded will be key this winter, so try a strain like GDP (or Granddaddy Purple) to sink into a relaxation that can really take the edge off.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Kolas - stoner horoscope - libra


Libra, your charm and sweet demeanor will put you in many social situations this winter. You may meet potential key people that will stick around throughout the rest of your life as friends, professional connections, or even romantic potentials. That’s why, this season, we recommend that you try an outgoing and social strain like Orange Crush to bring out your more philosophical and talkative side.

Your natural ability to seek compromise may lead you to want to make extra sacrifices for the sake of the big picture. While that does make you the bigger person, don’t forget to take care of yourself and ultimately do right by yourself. Try a relaxed and introspective strain like Bubba Kush to nurture your well-deserved me-time.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Kolas - stoner horoscope - scorpio


This season for you, Scorpio, will be an awakening of love and sexuality. If you’re already in a relationship, be prepared to discover new things about your partner, and even about yourself. If you’re single, be prepared to stumble upon someone or something that’ll rock your world. That’s why your stoner horoscope says that Vortex will be a great strain to help you to explore freely your more sensual side.

For many, it’s easier to be physically naked than emotionally naked. This is why we advise you, dear Scorpio, not to fear true intimacy with others. Open communication and full disclosure will be your key to unlocking powerful emotions and feelings within yourself and within your partner that has the potential to take your relationship to the next level. Try Sour Grape to help to make you feel more comfortable and more easily able to open up. Vulnerability isn’t always a bad thing!

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

Kolas - stoner horoscope - sagittarius


Pack your bags, Sagittarius! This season is all about travel for you and your truth-seeking self. Whether that means traveling across the globe to far-off places, or simply traveling to unexplored corners of your own mind, this will be a season of discovery and self-realization. To stay in a conducive state of mind and to welcome introspective thinking and meditative vibes, your stoner horoscope recommends Northern Lights.

And for when the things you learn about yourself and the world around you feel a little bit heavy, you’ll definitely want a strain that’ll help you get those giggles back again. That’s why we recommend a strain like Mango Kush to keep that important balance of self-discovery and light, easy humor. Keep it real, but keep it light, Sagittarius.

The meaning we create for ourselves and our lives is part of what makes us human. Looking to the stars has been an ancient technique for attempting to figure out this crazy thing called life.

In the meantime, no matter what your sign is, we have the strains that will get you feeling right. Feel free to come and visit us, at Kolas, any time you’re in the mood to try something new or if you’re just back for your faves. Or if you just wanted to swing by to say hi.

Stay curious, connected, and tuned for your spring stoner horoscope next season!