9 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Sacramento

Want to be the classic tourist and check out the Capitol, the rose garden, and Old Sacramento? Whatever floats your boat…

But if you want to check out some of Sacramento’s real hidden gems and local favorites, you’ve come to the right place.

Sacramento is a city full of rich antiquity, historical landmarks, and museums galore. And if you’re into that kind of thing, that’s great. But we had some other ideas in mind.

This city is sprinkled with delightful lesser-known discoveries to be made for fun-seekers across the world. Which one of these are you hitting first?

Enjoy these 9 cool and unusual things to do in Sacramento.

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Address: 1115 Fee Dr., Sacramento, CA 95816
Hours: 7:00am – 9:00pm every day

As the great Andre Romelle Young, also known as Dr. Dre, once advised, “Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day.”

What many people don’t realize is that Sacramento is quickly becoming a hub for cannabis culture. People from all over the country are visiting Sacramento dispensaries because this city has been home to many cannabis-friendly events in the past few years. This has nurtured a very 420-friendly culture nestled within what used to be one of California’s more conservative cities.

Sacramento dispensaries have also put new consumers at ease because the city has access to state-of-the-art compliance teams that keep everything safe and accessible so that all of us, even nervous newbies, can enjoy some of California’s finest buds. So if you’re wondering where to bring grandma to show her a good time, maybe check out your local Kolas location!

The Kolas cannabis dispensary is open to anyone 21+ or anyone with a doctor’s recommendation. It features some of California’s most popular brands as well as up-and-coming brands that are new to the scene and ready to make an impact. Chat with friendly and knowledgeable (seriously, they go through an actual training process) budtenders for more recommendations on all things cannabis and all things Sacramento.

Kolas is perfect for anyone super new to cannabis and for anyone who’s…well, not so new. They are used to seeing customers from all over the country with all different backgrounds when it comes to cannabis use. They’re not Sacramento’s favorite dispensary for no reason!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Address: 1415 16th St., Sacramento, CA 95814
Hours: M-F 11am – 2am.
Sat 4pm – 2pm.
Closed Sundays.

As a people, we may all be very different. But we are all connected by one dream. The dream of enjoying both a steamy plate of Kung Pao chicken and a reasonably priced cocktail in a quaint little divey bar/Chinese restaurant. We’ve always had to choose one experience or the other. Until now.

What do you get when you cross a dive bar with a Chinese restaurant? The amazing fusion that is Simon’s Bar and Café. Nestled in bustling Midtown on 16th Street, this is a great, casual spot for a drink or a plate of chow mein.

Bring a big party for a fun and lively dinner, or sit at the bar alone (we don’t judge!). Have a flavorful dining experience, get hammered, or do both! No matter what you want to do, Simon’s can provide it. That is, if you’re looking to drink alcoholic beverages and/or eat Chinese food.

With some of the most reasonable prices in the Midtown area, this place sees a healthy mixture of well-dressed fancy people and casual folk alike. Satisfy your cravings for munchies and nightlife with a bar that does it all.

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento - Lunas cafe

Address: 1414 16th St., Sacramento, CA 95814
Hours: M – W: 10am – 3:30pm, and 6:30pm – 10pm.
Thurs: 10am – 3:30pm and 6:30pm – 11pm.
Fri: 10am – 3:30pm and 6:30pm – 12am.
Saturday: 6:30pm – 12am.
Sunday: Closed.

If you’re looking for a quirky-cute hole-in-the-wall exploding with art, music, and culture, look no further! Luna’s Café is home to some of the best and most unique open mic poetry, live music, and even open mic comedy in Sacramento.

This adorable family-owned restaurant/café/juice bar/venue is a cultural staple of local Sacramento culture.

They do serve food, but don’t be confused by the hanging menu… the owner will probably tell you that it’s not a real menu, but a piece of art, as he hands you the actual menu. But the live entertainment and intimate venue space is what really makes this place shine.

Every night is a completely different experience with varying acts that keep the venue refreshing and exciting.

But be sure to show up early because this little venue can fill up fast. Oh and also, NO COVERS!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Where: All over Sacramento
When: 24/7.

If you’re looking for things to do in Sacramento that won’t break your bank, you are absolutely going to love this one. What a lot of people don’t know is that Sacramento is home to some of the most breathtaking murals and street art in the country. And the best part about it is that exploring the city’s public art is 100% free.

Roam the streets and find hidden treasures that will stun and awe your travel buddy and – let’s be real – your Instagram following.

Wide Open Walls is a premiere mural festival that happens every summer in Sacramento celebrating our city’s vibrant art scene. Emerging artists, international street artists, and university students will come together as they do every year to beautify Sacramento.

Enjoy past artworks of previous years, or find a work-in-progress and enjoy watching the artist work!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Address: 908 K St., Sacramento, CA 95814
Hours: Weekdays: 4pm – 2am.
Weekends: Noon – 2am.
Kitchen open nightly until 1am.
Happy hour: Weekdays 4pm – 7pm and all day Mondays.

Descend into the earth and experience the underground (I know, speakeasy vibes, much?) Downtown, Sacramento bar home to 40+ vintage and modern coin-operated arcade games.

If you’re a Tron legend or a Frogger champ looking for fun things to do in Sacramento, you’ll have found your home in this city. And if you’re into craft cocktails, craft beer, and specialty pizza, you’ll be in heaven.

Beat the high score, chill on the patio, or get your munchies all day and all night long (seriously, the kitchen doesn’t close until 1am!). This is a super uniquely Sacramento experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

This is also in a super fun part of town where you can hit Boiling Crab for dinner and eat your seafood with your hands, or check out Dive Bar where you can watch mermaids (yes, you heard me, MERMAIDS) swimming in the above-bar aquarium.

Bring your friends or family for a retro gaming experience that you’ll never forget!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento - Second saturday

Where: Intersection of 20th and K St. in Midtown, Sacramento.
When: Every Second Saturday of the month from May to September, 5pm – 10pm.

If you’re visiting Sacramento during the summertime, this is the event that you will NOT want to miss. It’s the biggest block party complete with food, drink, live DJs, and exciting vendor booths in the most bustling part of the city.

And the best part? It’s completely free!  It’s an all-ages event, but you need to be 21+ to drink.

This community event is put on by THIS and is sponsored by Sacramento’s favorite cannabis dispensary, Kolas!

We’ve met people from all over California and even other states that traveled all the way from their city JUST to check out this epic block party. That’s how you know this is one of those things to do in Sacramento that you definitely won’t want to miss!

If you want to check out footage and pics from any of this year’s block party, check out the Kolas IG page @shopkolas. Fair warning; prepare yourself for some serious FOMO!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Where: All over Greater Sacramento
When: Every Friday

Artists, scavenger hunters, and explorers unite! Free Art Friday is an Instagram-based scavenger hunt for the people of Sacramento to find incredible FREE prints, jewelry, stories, and more. And this Sactown phenomenon is giving Pokémon Go a run for its money.

Every Friday, participating artists hide their art somewhere in public and post a photo to Instagram of the general area that it’s hidden in. The people running the Instagram page reposts the artists’ images of locations of secret art drops. Then, locals and out-of-towners alike set out on their adventure to find them!

This is making art, and a sense of community, accessible to everyone! It’s giving local artists and community members a platform to share their craft with other locals and out-of-towners alike.

If you’re looking for a souvenir with sentimental value that won’t break your bank, try going on a scavenger hunt for a one-of-a-kind local Sacramento art piece!

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento

Where: All over Greater Sacramento
When: Various days and times

In Sacramento, we’re proud of our Farm to Fork claim to fame. That’s why our Farmer’s Markets are so legit!

Grab some fresh fruits and veggies, or grab a hand-held bite while you peruse through local artists’ and jewelers’ goods.

One of our personal favorites is the farmers market in Midtown, which is at the intersection of 20th and K St. … are you having déjà vu? You should be… Because that’s the same intersection of the Second Saturday event!

If you’re visiting Sacramento with your furry friend, this is the perfect event to bring your pup to. The Midtown Farmers Market is very much family-friendly and pet-friendly, so bring the whole family!

If you’re looking for things to do in Sacramento with the whole family, this is a great way to explore Sacramento culture, food, and experience. See how many Farmers Markets you can hit while you’re in town!

9. Lavender Heights, for when you want to hang with the LGBTQ+ community.

Kolas - Kolas blogs - things to do in sacramento - Lavender Heights

When: 24/7.
Where: 20th and K St. intersection in Midtown.

Every city that is respectful of every human experience should have a part of town that’s openly LGBTQ+ friendly. And for Sacramento, that is Lavender Heights!

Even if you don’t identify as LBGTQ+, this part of town welcomes anyone as long as everyone is respectful of the progressive culture. Lavender Heights is also widely known throughout Sacramento as one of the best intersections for general nightlife and not just an LGBTQ+ novelty.

We are proud of our LGBTQ+ community members, so we show our appreciation with rainbow crosswalks and multiple gay bars and nightclubs throughout the area. Check out The Depot, Badlands, FacesThe Mercantile Saloon, and Sidetrax for lots of fun that also happens to be LGBTQ+ friendly.

Where is this magical intersection, you ask? Why it’s at the very same place as our Second Saturday block party event AND Midtown Farmer’s Market! Find the rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of 20th and K St.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Sacramento. These are only 9. Feel free to explore this historical city to your heart’s content.

Which of these things are you most looking forward to doing while you visit Sacramento? What are your favorite things to do in Sacramento when you come to visit? Let us know about your travel plans in the comments section below!

And don’t forget to stock up on all of your cannabis supplies at the Kolas dispensary or affiliate store nearest you! When you’re in California, you need to experience the famous California bud that Sacramento has in ample supply.